Brown Sugar

by J. Irvin Dally

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released October 12, 2015

Brown Sugar:
Drums by Steve Mentze
Engineered/Produced by Duane Lundy



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J. Irvin Dally

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Track Name: Brown Sugar
I was 12, you were there sucking down the leftovers in communion cups.
Stuffing my pockets full of the offering, I see it all again.
Your shallow breath on my neck smells of brown sugar.
Kiss me while no one's watching, kiss me while no one's watching.
No matter how many times I wake from sleep, it's always you I dream.

Fell outta bed to the floor remembering your open window,
Telling me then I'd better go out on that January road.
Struggled to the mirror to see that same boy looking back at me.
You forget me so quickly, I must've slipped your mind so easily.
No matter how many times I wash my hands the sink water still runs black.
Who are you?

I talk so much shit straight through my teeth,
My son'll learn to lie just from watching me.
In time I'll be watching him too, like I always knew.
Track Name: The Party's Over
Is it so bad that I'm here?
Is it so bad that I'm here?
Or is it like you told me last year,
that by now the air is clear?

Do you try to forget all the things,
That we used to do as kids?
On paper we were perfect, I fear.
But it's still bad that I'm here.

What's wrong and what's right?